API scores are in for Ramona,Poway and north county

The CA Academic Performance Index (API) rating system is based on year-over-year test score performance.
The state sets API improvement targets for different student groups at a school to encourage schools to improve achievement for all students.
The California API scores range from 200 to 1000, with 800 as the statewide goal for all schools.
Check the California Department of Education for your school.

Check out the school info and API scores before relocating

lil red school houseIf you are thinking about moving to Ramona, Poway, Escondido or Northa county, you may want to know about the schools before you look for a home in a particular area. Check out the local schools and API scores for North county san diego right here. then give me a call, I would be happy to answer any questions.
Regina Flores