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Relocating to Ramona, CA?Not sure which neighborhood is right for you? Need information about schools, employers, local taxes, and financing? Whether you’re relocating to Ramona, CA for a new job or to retire, we can help make your move successful and stress free.

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Our website makes it easy for you to view our featured listings and learn more about our community including important information about schools, demographics, climate, crime and much more. CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECTLY TO MY WEBSITE.
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Top 5 Reasons to live in Ramona, CA

1. The Beautiful location: Ramona is located in San Diego County, known as the Valley of the Sun. Located above the “fog line” and below the “snow line”. This is my top reason to live here because every day I am surrounded by beautiful Mountains. Away from the heavy traffic of the city, it’s a place to go home and relax in your quiet, mountainous surroundings.
2. It is a great place to live: I have raised my kids here for nearly 10 years and am thankful they were able to grow up where they have places to roam. They can enjoy the outdoors, hiking, bike riding, golf, swimming, horse riding and more. Pretty much year round great weather too!
3. It’s an awesome community: True, we may not have any big shopping malls or many retail centers, but what we do have is a real sense of community and down home values that really matter. The sense of taking care of others in need. Having been through 2 fires here, I can tell you this is a town that helps each other in our time of need and cares about each other. Besides who has time to shop when you have running, hiking, swimming, horse riding and relaxing?
4. It’s Less Expensive: On average it is less expensive to buy a home in Ramona than Poway, Ranch Bernardo or areas closer to the freeways. You can get a lot more home for the money here.
5. Good Schools: See link below for all the Ramona Schools.

For more information on Ramona, CA Community click on the links below to sites: or visit: www.allaboutramona.com

API scores for schools
Hiking in Ramona:
Ramona Chamber of Commerce:


As you can tell, I have enjoyed living in Ramona. Hope to see you here.
If you have any questions about this area feel free to give me a call.

Regina Flores

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API scores are in for Ramona,Poway and north county

The CA Academic Performance Index (API) rating system is based on year-over-year test score performance.
The state sets API improvement targets for different student groups at a school to encourage schools to improve achievement for all students.
The California API scores range from 200 to 1000, with 800 as the statewide goal for all schools.
Check the California Department of Education for your school.